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Provo Fireworks, the new way to buy fireworks.

It is that time of the year that we stand proud and tall as we celebrate this beautiful country we live in and remember what been an American truly means. We are so lucky to leave in a state that is filled with so much patriotism and honors the 4th of July as it should.

When we moved to the states almost 22 years ago, I remember my parents teaching us the importance of us becoming a part of this country. Teaching us to love and honor this wonderful place that we were so fortunate to come and build our new lives in and how we could build new traditions as a family in this beautiful place. 
Every year we went to the Children’sParade and decorated our bikes with red, white and blue and wore matching shirts, woke up super early to go to the Balloon Festival, went to the Grand Parade, walked around Freedom Days and sat outside the stadium with a warm blanket and our family gathered around to watch the big show of fireworks at the Stadium of Fire. So many great traditions that we’ve been able to pass down to our own children and more that we’ve created along the way for our own families.  My favorite one is definitely hanging out with our family at the end of the night after a fun busy day and having our own little fireworks show. As I sit back and watch the happiness that my husband and kids have as we light up each firework makes me so proud and lucky to know that my parents brought me and my sisters to this country to experience all this wonderful things.

I know that not everyone is a fan of going to buy fireworks in those big tents and stands. Either because of the big lines, the extremely hot temperatures and the thing I struggle with the most is the prices, they are outrages. 

Just recently I learned about a really interesting local Utah company called Provo Fireworks. It’s an online fireworks store that offers the best of the best. They make it really easy for you to pre-order their fireworks online, they provide a free pickup option, free delivery in Provo/Orem on orders over $100 or a reasonably priced delivery for orders under $100. I love the fact that they provide videos for most of their products, especially the pricier items like the Aerial fireworks. This way you can see what you are getting before you purchase.  Provo Fireworks also offers custom packages that are designed specifically for different age groups.  

There prices are definitely cheaper than the stores in Evanston, Wyoming.  When you buy from Provo Fireworks you will have the guarantee that they will stand behind their product 100%. They contact their clients to invite them to contact them personally in case there are any problems, questions or concerns. They take their customer service very seriously and want to build a relationship with their clientele. The best part is that they offer a NO-DUD GUARANTEE. If you get a dud, they provide you with your option of a refund or to replace the firework. 

Want to learn more about Provo Fireworks? It's simple, just visit the website or 'LIKE' them on Facebook. Even better get a special coupon code by watching there intro video.

Below are some prices to compare:

Remember to always be safe when lighting fireworks!!!

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