Have you set #Metas for 2017?

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2017 has started and I'm sure you probably have started the year with a few goals in mind. Some of those goals I'm sure will be forgotten a few weeks or months from now, but what can you do to keep this dreams alive and on check throughout the year? ¡Muy simple!, put a vision board together for 2017. 

So you ask ¿Que es un vision board?, well a vision board as I like to put is a fun visual way of looking at your goals day after day.

The process of creating a vision board is very unique to each one of us, some people cut out pictures from magazines to represent the things they want to obtain in the upcoming year, others draw things out, or print out in wording goals or declarations of things they believe and hope to remember each year. It's also a fun activity to do with your kids, ¡Imaginate! each one of your kids creating their own vision board for the coming year!

Okay so, What do you do once you have your vision board? 

1.Put it somewhere where you can look at it every day. This doesn't mean hide it behind the door or put it in your closet where you probably won't ever see it, I mean put it on your fridge so you look at it every time you go grab a snack, Or next to your mirror so you look at it before you put on your make up.

2. The following is very important you need to read aloud all your goals or declarations. Por ejemplo, one of my goals is to eat healthier and be healthier this year, so I will either have a picture of someone eating healthy or exercising, I might have words saying "I'm going to eat healthy and be healthy", Read them out loud, visualize yourself already being healthier, maybe visualize yourself being tone and in shape! You get el punto, believe it and be loud about it. 

3. Ladies, last but not least making your dreams a reality requires hard work!  Don't  just Dream, make your dreams, your goals, things you wish for a reality. Go the extra mile, put in the hours, do your research, don't take no for an answer, improve, improvise, leave your comfort zone and try new things.

Mis mejores deseos, and best vibes  sent your way for this upcoming 2017.


Día de los Muertos #sayitwithcricut

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This weekend we pre-celebrated Día de los Muertos among family and friends and we had such a wonderful time sharing stories and honoring our loved ones. Día de los Muertos, or also known as Day of the Dead, is an ancient celebration that celebrates life after death.  The day bridges two Christian observances, All Saints Day, November 1st, honoring children who have died, and All Souls Day, November 2nd, remembering all who have died. Many believe that this holiday is only celebrated in Mexico but indeed it's celebrated all around the world by many Christians. It's a celebration of life in which decorations are placed on graves of loved ones or altars are decorated with offerings such as food, drinks and special mementos placed alongside to the photographs of their deceased loved ones with the original purpose for the dead to return to their family home for a visit.
It truly is a beautiful holiday, a great opportunity to embrace family history and honor and remember loved ones. For the younger ones to be able to hear stories about loved ones that they never got the chance to meet and for others to continue to learn and share where they came from and be able to continue to live their legacy. Because after all words are powerful and they last a lifetime and this traditions are what keep family history alive.
There is so many fun activities that you and your familia can do for el Día de los Muertos but if there is one thing that you need to do celebrate this holiday, in our opinion that would be one amazing altar. We've partnered up with Cricut on their campaign #sayitwithcricut to bring you an altar that is simple but made with so much love. We decided to use the Cricut Explore Air to make a few of our decorations and they turned out so good. Just have to brag a little, but really have to give credit to Cricut for making Cricut Design Space so user friendly. 

You can access this canvas at 
Now for those super fun colorful Calaveras "Skulls", you will find them under Autumn Celebrations in Design Space under Insert Images. My 9 year old helped me with this project and she thought it was super fun and easy to put together. We used cardstock and a Standard Grip Mat, the only tool we used for this project was the Spatula to lift cuts from the mat. 
For our last project we knew that we needed Papel Picado to give it the final touch and we found the perfect design with The TomKat Studio "Banner" also available in Design Space under Insert Images. This project took a little bit more patience and lots of more patience. Thankfully I had to catch up on "This is Us" such a good show. So all that patience paid off at the end. I used cardstock to make this banner and a Standard Grip Mat. This is were all the other Tools came in handy. You can access this Canvas 

We love sharing our traditions with our readers and we absolutely love working with companies like Cricut on campaigns like #sayitwithcricut that help us express who we are. We invite to join this amazing campaign and share with us some of your #sayitwithcricut projects. Check out some more #sayitwithcricut projects at Cricut Inspiration starting on November 2nd.

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Bilingual Children

Raising Bilingual Children

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Copyright RV Portraits
I remember all the emotions I felt my first day of school as a little girl who had just immigrated to the United States, I was 9 years old and in 5th grade. My english, in my mind was pretty good, since my parents had made it a point for us to attend a private school which taught us english 2 hours each day back in our country. Little did I know what my real life experience would be, when put in the environment were I would actually have to be submerge in the language 100% in a school day. 
You see, I was so nervous that all I could hear was blah blah blah, nothing made sense and as much as I tried concentrating it was like it was a completely different language then what I had learned. Once I overcame my nerves I begin to understand things here and there. I learned that most kids broke sentences up, such as instead of saying "How are you doing today?" they would say instead "How you doing". 
Fast forward a year later, into living in this country I could understand most anything, I was translating for my parents at parent teacher conference, doctors appointments and at church. But I was so shy when it came to speaking to other children my age. I didn't have the confidence to communicate because I was afraid I was going to say something wrong. When I finally decided to go for it and let my voice be heard, I felt an immense sense of connection and validation as a young girl. I understood the power of knowing two languages would one day carry my dreams forward and allow me to grow and progress in this country which was now home to us. And that is exactly what happened, I landed most jobs, scholarship, positions in student government, because I possess a skill which serve communities. Being bilingual became my biggest asset!
Now I have my own children, and I often find myself in the dilemma of speaking more English then Spanish, because with all honesty "I feel in Spanish, but my brain thinks in English". It was always the plan to raise fluent speakers in Spanish and in English. But my reality is a little different, even tough my children understand Spanish and English, their Spanish has a strong English Accent, to most this might be a failure. But the way I see it, is they have the foundation, they understand me when I speak to them in Spanish and when in doubt, they ask me and 80% of the time they are correct. 
They understand the importance of knowing two languages and I find every opportunity to submerge them in the Spanish language from choosing to watch cartoons in Spanish, reading bilingual books, lessening to music in Spanish, while we clean or ride in the car and believe it or watching shows like "El chavo" and "Cantinflas". Most of all I try to emphesize the importance of them learning to communicate with their grandparents and great grandparents in their native language and the importance this has in having a connection to who they are. 
My hope would be that little by little they will get to the point were they master both english and Spanish at the same level, that they would also see the blessings of knowing two languages in their lives and find many opportunities because of having being Raised as Bilingual Children!

We Love!

We Love!