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Mamá de la Semana-Clementina Velazquez

I have been so excited to Spotlight my Mami. Maria Victoria Clementina Velazquez. Phew, that's a mouth full. Luckily she is mostly know as Clementina or Mami Clemen.

I know everyone says their mother is the greatest. I feel exactly that way of my Mother. My Mother was born in Puebla, Puebla Mexico. She is the oldest of 11 siblings. She has 10 children of her own, 24 Grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren.

My mother has always been tender hearted. From being a School teacher to tending children at home. Children have always filled home. We use to laugh when we were little when she would raise her voice because she really didn't raise her voice at all. But, beware of her "Evil Eye". That look could kill you on the spot. We all same my mom has a genuine innocence.

A few nights ago we were helping her take a Homemade Lasagna that she had made out of the oven. My youngest son takes one look at it and says, "look at that b e a u t y!" Perfectly summed up. Her cooking/baking is amazing. From her traditional Mexican dishes, to her simple concoctions. I have never had something she has cooked and not liked it.

She has so many talents. One of her favorite hobbies is knitting/crocheting. If Joann's goes out of business, come over she probably has what you need.

My mother has been battling Cancer for over 6 years. I say battling because she decided to be a part of a Research Treatment, when she could easily go through regular Radiation and Chemotherapy and be moving past it. In hopes that she could be a part of a more natural way to treat cancer. It hasn't always been easy. There are times when you can clearly see how worn out it has her. But she doesn't give up. She's such a strong and an amazing woman!

My Mami is my Best Friend. I always find peace when I need it just talking to her. I love her so much and I'm so glad my children have such a close bond with her.

by: Bilha Mccorkle

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