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Our Experience at the Build Your Blog Conference

Utah Mamá Latina team and some new friends

 "We had such an amazing time at the Build Your Blog Conference. Thanks to Taste of Home Magazine, part of our team was able to attend the Build Your Blog Conference which took place in The Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City! We were so excited to be attending what for most of us was our first blogging Conference experience, The Classes were not only informative but also super motivating and encouraging. We felt empower and walked out knowing that what we are trying to do with Utah Mamá Latina is unique and something which will benefit our community as a whole. Some of the classes we attended included Photography, Beggining blogging, Advanced blogging, Instagram 101, Branding and Pitching to companies. We also had the amazing opportunity to hear from motivational Speakers."

-Dennissa Ramirez

Ani's essentials for the conference

"I had the pleasure of being sponsored by Taste of Home to attend the Build Your Blog Conference it was an honor to go and represent such a distinctive company and of course be able to attend this conference along with some of my team members of Utah Mama Latina. I had an absolute wonderful time. I had so many highlights in this conference but my 2 absolute favorite were, all the social networking with so many companies that were eager to learn about the message behind Utah Mama Latina and of course The Blogger of the Year Gala Sponsored by The Tyler Robinson Foundation which is supported by the popular band, Imagine Dragons. Learning more about The Tyler Robinson Foundation was one of my absolute favorite things, the beauty that so many bloggers have the power to share and spread the message about something that is so special is just beautiful to me. So I left this Conference so much stronger and more ready to help change the world."

-Ani Allen

The Girls taking a little early morning Breakfast break to Eva's Bakery Boulangerie

"It was my first time attending a blogger conference. I met so many wonderful people who have inspired me to focus on what I am passionate about. The workshops were outstanding. The speakers were motivating and helped me to approach my blog with confidence. I am looking forward to attending next year."  

-Nassari Everret

We had a chance to meet some pretty amazing companies such as Get Away Today

A Sand Castle we got to make to enter a contest through Get Away Today

We also met some local companies which we love such as Boondocks!!

One of the coolest things about a blogging conferences is meeting up with old blogging friends and making new ones

Here hanging out with one of our Fave ever! Lindsey Miller Peterson from the Tyler Robinson Foundation

I cant begin to emphasize how much we enjoy all the food and delicious treats we got to eat. We took a little trip to the Grand America and visited La Bonne Vie and we all can agree that their handcrafted macarons and French pastries are so heavenly.

The Little America was so luxurious and beautiful

At the end of the day the experiences we lived were so  great, the things we learned priceless and the adventures we had were one in a million, till our next BYBC Conference!


From the Utah Mamá Latina Team

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