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Join Utah Mamá Latina at Seven Peaks~4 All-Day Pass Giveaway/Sorteo

As part of our Summer Adventures, Utah Mamá Latina would like to invite you to Seven Peaks Waterpark!
Join us on Saturday August the 16th for a day full of fun, adventures, and family oriented activities! Not to mention all the amazing giveaways we will be having through out the day! You wont want to miss joining in the fun! and the best part is that we have tickets that will allowed you to get into the park for for only $17.00. For more details on this you can reach out to us through our Facebook Page or by sending us an e-mail
To kick off the event we couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring our community a really fun Giveaway! How does 4 passes to an all day pass to Seven Peaks Waterpark sound? To enter simply scroll down and enter through RaffleCopter, Good Luck Chicas!
Como parte de Nuestras Aventuras de Verano, Utah Mamá Latina te quiere invitar a Seven Peaks Water Park

Acompañanos el sábado 16 de Agosto, en lo que prometemos que sera un día lleno de diverción para toda la familia. Tendremos actividades, aparte estaremos teniendo unos Super Sorteos durante todo el día! Lo más genial es que siendo parte de nuestra comunidad de Utah Mamá Latina, puedes pre-comprar tu ticket por solo $17.00. Para comprar tus tickets simplemente nos puedes mandar un mensaje ya sea por Facebookcorreo electrónico.

Como parte de este evento no podiamos pasar la oportunidad para un Sorteo, A quien no le gustaría ganarse 4 pases para Seven Peaks Water Park? Es muy simple sigue los requisitos por medio de Rafflecopter! Buena Suerte Chicas!

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