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3 Museum Adventures

You will probably hear me say this over and over, but it's what makes me, me. I'm all about family. Some moms are so excited when school starts, but Not I. I love when school ends! I love having my kids home (I'm not controlling, promise). Yeah, it gets overwhelming sometimes, but I m complete when they are around.

Every summer we have a " Museum Tour Adventure day". We start out very early and visit 3 Museums. Our first stop is always BYU Museum of Paleantology. It's not a very big museum, but non the less it has so many cool fossils. My kids love watching the fossils being cleaned and worked on.
Next we headed over to the "Bean Museum". I remember being in grade school and going on field trips to this museum. It has grown so much and it still hadn't gotten old to visit. There is so much to see that every visit you discover something you didn't see the time before.
For the last museum we usually try a new one we haven't visited yet. Since the two previous ones are free, we don't mind spending a little to finish off our Museum Tour Adventure Day.
This time we visited the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. I loved it. From the Sting Ray petting to the computer matching games my kids were entertained. Not to mention the "Sand Area". They didn't realize you were to find fossils but once they discovered it, they were so proud and excited to find all they could.

We finished the day off with ice cream at the Tower Deli. So many fun memories and I can't wait to do it all over again.

Having fun with your Family doesn't have to be pricey. What the kids will remember is the fun time they had and how happy they were. Next time you want to try a new place with the kids, try these museums. You will enjoy it!

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